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The DINAS Engineering Ltd. is the leading industrial enterprise in the Northern part of Hungary producing and designing steel structures, furnaces, stacks. Browsing our website hopefully You become acquainted of our business. Our experts helps to solve various problems in steel industry. We offer our services in full measure, from design through execution and supervising. Hopefully we will see You again as our customer or partner. On the top menu choose the point of your interest, and the side menu gives you more details.

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Dinas Ltd.


The DINAS Industrial Providing Enterprise has been founded in 1990 with intellectual and manual workers who own technical experiences of several decades, and it operates as a limited company since 1996.
Our company operates according to the international Quality Management System ISO 9002 from July of 2000.

Our specialized activites are:

  • designing, manufacturing and implementation of industrial furnaces, industrial stacks and steel structures. We offer wide range of services, such as start up, official permissions and licences.
  • we produce and assembly off-serie industrial equipments
  • mass production of different parts, and mass CNC plasma, flame and laser cutting

All of our products are manufactured under strict quality assurance system.

Fields of activity

Activities of DINAS Ltd.:

  • Designing manufacturing and implementation of industrial furnaces, stacks, and steel structures. Start up, official permissions and licenses
  • Installation of refractory lining for furnaces and ladles
  • Designing manufacturing and final executing of steel structured buildings, halls
  • Designing and implementation of hoisting equipment, various transporting devices
  • We undertake the production of high-volume parts, and cutting with CNC flame, plasma, waterjet and laser cutting machines
Quality management policy

The DINAS Ltd. considers high quality a directive of its operation. The philosophy of us is using its intellecetual and material resources, to be a reliable and competetive player both in domestic and international markets providing high quality services in the field of manufacturing steel stuctures, machinery and furnace installations.

In order to achieve this objective we are committed the following:

  • We make all efforts to improve the quality of our services and products on a continous basis to secure the future safety and success of DINAS Ltd, and its staff.
  • Top management of our company is active in organisation and execution of the quality management programme.
  • All staff members of DINAS Ltd. take active part in formulation, introduction and continous improvement of businness conduct committed to high standards. They feel responsible for securing top quality of their products and services.
  • The DINAS Ltd. maintains sincere and open relationship with its suppliers and expect them to follow similarly high standards.
  • Our company protects the environment and encourages its staff to do the same.

The DINAS Ltd. fully qualified the MSZ EN ISO 9001:2000 quality assurance standard, which is certified by TÜV Reinland Intercert.


Our workshop takes place in the old LKM/DAM, in Miskolc, on the Kiss Ernő street. The security at the entrance, or the map in the Contact menu helps you to get to the DINAS Ltd in the industrial place. We have a covered, 5200 m2 workshop with cranes, and we have a 775 m2 uncovered place, and a 4200 m2 big warehouse. We have 10 cranes between 5 and 15 tons capacity so we can make products with big weight. Take a look at some photographs which are made at our company:







Company details

DINAS Mérnökiroda Kft.

Base: H-3778 Varbó, Széldomb 0117/38 pn.

Workshop: H-3531 Miskolc, Kiss Ernő str. 17

Trade register number: 05-09-004931

Tax number: 11389099-2-05


DIN EN ISO 3834-2ISO 9001:2015

    DIN EN 1090        DIN EN 1090

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